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Prerequisites for Installation of the Cisco Unified Application Environment

Hardware Prerequisites

Software Prerequisites

This section is organized into two subsections: a download section and an installation section. The downloads section provides links or short instructions on how to obtain necessary 3rd-party software needed by the Cisco Unified Application Environment. The installation section details the sequential steps that should be taken to install the downloaded software. Once all 3rd-party software has been installed (in other words, once you have reached the end of this document), one can then proceed to installing the Cisco Unified Application Environment software.

Download of 3rd-Party Packages

The following software packages must be downloaded and installed before the Cisco Unified Application Environment installers can be applied to your development machine. The next section, Installation of 3rd-Party Packages, details how to install each of these packages.

Note: The only tested operating systems for the SDK version of the Cisco Unified Application Environment are Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP1 and Windows XP Professional SP2.

Installation of 3rd-Party Packages

These steps should be executed in the order shown below.